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Who am I?

My name is Steve, and I became a marriage celebrant because I love 'Love' - it’s as simple as that!

A long term resident of the beautiful Whitsundays, this is my adopted home. The rich land, and the warm sea make up what is essentially me.I am a quirky, funny, sometimes irreverent and attentive human. My passion is making people happy and spreading joy where I can.Should you choose me to be your marriage celebrant, I will work with you to make your special day a unique experience, filled with love (there’s that word again), humour and warmth.


My services include:Boy meets girl weddings, Girl meets girl weddings, and Boy meets boyweddings. Island weddings, Beach weddings, Garden weddings, Rainforest weddings, Boat weddings, Themed weddings and even Naturist weddings.


Let’s work together to make the most important day of your life unique, charming, quirky and an occasion to look back on with fondness and sweet memories.

What do I do?

I will meet with you for a no obligation consultation.
If you choose me, I will prepare and take responsibility for all of the legal malarkey.
I will write your love story based on a comprehensive questionnaire and
deliver this as part of your ceremony.
I can help you write your vows and design a ritual that is special to you and only you.
I will arrange a rehearsal (if possible at the chosen venue) and on the big day I will marry you.
I will provide a cool PA system so your friends and family can all hear us, and finally you get a really pretty marriage certificate to take home with you.
The rest of the marriage is your responsibility, this takes work and
commitment, but with a wicked start kicked off by the three of us, you will be well prepared for whatever life can throw at you.

Call me and let’s talk. After all, it’s all about you!
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